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T&S Shell Catchers snap on and off with no modification to the gun. T&S Shell Catchers are available in three different types: 

  • Spring steel with TFE finish 
  • Super strength black plastic
  • Super strength black plastic with steel insert

Our T&S Shell Catchers are used for catching single shells ONLY. The loaded shell is placed in the gun for firing by placing the brass end first, into the ejection port just ahead of the T&S Shell Catcher.  The brass is aligned to the rear so the loaded shell lies on the carrier inside the receiver.  When the shooter is ready to shoot, he closes the bolt with the Action closing button and the carrier raises the shell while the bolt pushes the loaded shell into the firing chamber.  After firing, the empty shell can easily be removed from the front end of the ejection port and placed into the shooters vest/pouch/shell bag, etc.  For a demonstration of how a T&S Shell Catcher is used, please select one of the following links:  12 Still Photo Sequence OR 15 Second Movie


T&S Shell Catchers are available ONLY for the following models:

(Shell Catchers for other guns or gauges than those listed on this page are NOT available.) 



            M1 Field / Montefeltro / Std Sport  -  12 gauge RH 

            Super 90 - 12 gauge RH



            A400 XCEL BLUE RECEIVER ONLY 12 gauge Target Guns

            AL2 / A301 / A302 / A303 / A390  -  12 gauge (2&3/4")

            Model Urika,™ Urika 2™ & Teknys™ AL391  -  12 gauge (2&3/4")  [The 2006 & later Models now fits the 12 Ga Teknys™]

            Urika™ AL391  -  20 gauge

            Teknys™ 391 - 20 guage




            2000  - 12 gauge

            GOLD  - 12 gauge



            XLR5 Right Hand ONLY



            11-87, 1100 - Std. 12 gauge (2&3/4")

            1100  -  Standard 20, 28, & .410 gauge - Not Sporting Models

Ithaca™ (by SKB)

            Model :

            XL900  -  12 gauge

Winchester Super X Model 1 - see our NEWS page for further information about this T&S Shell Catcher.


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