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T & S Industries, Inc. manufactures all of our shell catchers in the U.S.A. and we have been in business since 1972. Our T&S Shell Catchers are made of high quality spring steel and/or super strength plastic. They snap on and off with no modification to the gun. Some of our models are all spring steel with a black Teflon type finish of TFE and others are super strength plastic and most have a spring steel insert molded into the catcher. PRODUCTS PAGE

Customer Service contact:  Mr. Harold E. Shell (937) 696-2617

1895 Zehring Road

Farmerville, OH 45325


About Our Company

T & S Industries, Inc. manufactures and sells high quality shotgun accessories for trap shooters, skeet shooters and hunters. T&S Shell Catchers snap on and off with no modification to the shooter's gun.
T&S Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing T&S Shell Catchers for over 43 years. Our company is located in a southern suburb of Dayton, Ohio, USA. We are approximately twenty miles directly south of the OLD Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) home headquarters located in Vandalia, Ohio next to the Dayton, Ohio International Airport.

How It Works

The loaded shell is placed in the gun for firing by placing the brass end first, into the ejection port just ahead of the T&S Shell Catcher. The brass is aligned to the rear so the loaded shell lies on the carrier inside the receiver. When the shooter is ready to shoot, he closes the bolt with the Action closing button and the carrier raises the shell while the bolt pushes the loaded shell into the firing chamber. After firing, the empty shell can easily be removed from the front end of the ejection port and placed into the shooters vest/pouch/shell bag, etc.
For a demonstration of how a T&S Shell Catcher is used, please select one of the following links: 12 Still Photo Sequence OR 15 Second Movie

The T&S Shell Catcher One Year Limited Guarantee

Replacement of the merchandise of any defective merchandise within one year of data of purchase.  Merchandise must be returned to T&S Industries, Inc., prepaid, and not modified along with dated proof of purchase.
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Email Contact Information Shell Catchers for other guns or gauges than those shown on this web site are NOT manufactured or available. If the EXACT gun model is not listed on this web site, we do NOT make a T&S Shell Catcher for it. It is simply NOT economically feasible for us to make a shell catcher for guns where TRAP and SKEET models are not manufactured - NOT enough demand for the investment it takes. Since we do not own one of every model shotgun made, we are not able to tell if any of our shell catchers can be modified for other guns or will fit other guns. Contact: Please do not expect an Email response when asking if we have a shell catcher that will fit some other gun model not listed.
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If ordering by First Class Postal Mail (includes tracking), please add the following Shipping & Handling cost to the actual cost of the desired T&S Shell Catcher Stock No.: $3.98 U.S. for up to 5 shell catchers shipped to an address in the USA, or $7.90 U.S. for up to 3 shell catchers shipped internationally. U.S. and International shipments must be paid in U.S. Currency payable on a bank in the U.S.A. or by a Postal Money Order in U.S. Currency.
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T & S Industries, Inc.
1895 Zehring Road
Farmersville, OH  45325
United States of America

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